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AI House: The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

AI House: The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

The program provides the theoretical basics of artificial intelligence and tools to increase the effectiveness of administration with AI
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Program Description
The program is designed for specialists with an elementary or basic level of AI awareness. The participants will explore the possibilities of AI implementation in the public sector
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The program was created in collaboration with AI House. It is a non-commercial organization that aims to build the biggest and most powerful AI community in Ukraine. Moreover, it will help create and launch new AI startups and develop AI and technological sectors.

The participants will acquire knowledge and skills to integrate AI in the public sector. The particular focus will be on the history of AI evolution, issues of ethics and security, and the AI ecosystem.

The program involves lectures and workshops that provide participants with opportunities to cooperate and put their knowledge into practice.

The course aims to interest the participants and build a basis for the profound discovery of AI.

Who is this program for

The program is designed for present and future Chief Digital Transformation Officers (CDTO)

The expected outcome for program participants

Basic awareness of AI
Awareness of AI's importance in the public administration
Introduction of AI tools
Appliance of the ChatGPT bot
Mastering AI ethics

Program details

1 months
English language proficiency at the level not lower than Upper Intermediate/Advanced
Course Start
February, 2024
Call for applications
November 28 — December 28, 2023


Yuri Laba
Yuri Laba
ML Engineer at Intelliarts, member of the AI HOUSE community
Volodymyr Mudryi
Volodymyr Mudryi
Data Scientist at Intelliarts, member of the AI HOUSE community

Program structure

Lecture 1
Introduction to AI

The basic principles and concepts of artificial intelligence: key aspects and approaches. The development and evolution of artificial intelligence: a historical overview. The role and significance of artificial intelligence in the modern digital world

Lecture 2
The Impact of AI on the Real World

The impact of artificial intelligence on personal life: analysis and examples. The role of AI in project management and business process optimization. Success stories in the field of AI: from Siri to the revolution in autonomous vehicles

Workshop 1
Enhancing Productivity with AI for CDTO

Overview of artificial intelligence tools for improving the efficiency of CDTO work: strategies, technologies, and practical application

Workshop 2
ChatGPT for Everyday Tasks

Overview of existing types of artificial intelligence solutions. The history and evolution of well-known AI systems, including ChatGPT. Practical module: mastering ChatGPT for solving everyday tasks

Lecture 3
Best Practices in AI Integration for the Public Sector

Review of the experience in implementing artificial intelligence in the judicial system, the agricultural sector, and in the management of open data: strategies, challenges, and outcomes

Lecture 4
Ethical and Security Aspects of AI

Ethics of artificial intelligence: significance and impact. Key security issues in AI and protection strategies. Case studies: ethical dilemmas and solutions in AI programs

Lecture 5
AI in the Digital Ecosystem

Research on the AI ecosystem in the context of digital transformation. Vision for the future of AI in the public and business sectors

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